Weekend Fun and Addressing the “Weight Thing”


Man, the past couple weeks have flown by so fast. Obviously work keeps me busy during the week, but the last two weekends have been jam packed, too. Last weekend I drove up north to Traverse City and on Saturday I went to Mackinaw Island with the fam.


It’s sort of a tradition that my family likes to do every summer. We only stay for the day, but we have our routine set: take the ferry over to the island, eat lunch (that my mom packs and brings for us), bike around the island, get ice cream, shop, and finally, eat dinner at The Pink Pony restaurant that overlooks the water/dock.

It was a beautiful day for biking.


It’s funny because when I was younger, it seemed like it took foreverΒ to bike around the island, but now the ride flies by! I guess when you’re used to doing 20-25 miles bike rides, 8 miles is a piece of cake ;).

Selfie time:


Our crew included myself, my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend.


It’s always nice to spend time with my sis!



This past weekend was the first weekend that I stayed in Grand Rapids, didn’t have to work, and didn’t have any visitors. It was nice to spend more time hanging out in my new city! During the summer they have a Movie in the Park series, where every couple weeks they play a movie in Ah-Nab-Awen Park. The park is right next to the Grand River and has beautiful views of downtown. It was quite the backdrop for our movie night.


The movie on Friday was Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I had never seen before but had a great time listening to all of the die-hard fans participate in the “interactive” parts and quote some of the famous lines and songs. They even had a costume contest before the movie started. It was a riot.

When the movie was over, I tried to snap some photos of the city when it was dark but my iPhone didn’t even come close to capturing the phenomenal views. It was one of those things that you just have to see in person.


Yesterday I spent the day in Holland with my friend Mel helping one of her friends out with the opening of her new salon, Bombshell Blow Dry Bar. It was sort of random because I didn’t really know anyone and had never seen the salon before, but before I knew it I was handing out door prizes, giving tours, and talking about all the different services offered to all of the ladies who stopped by. It ended up being really fun! The salon is beautiful too, so if you’re from the area and are looking for sweet new salon to try out (or want to try spray tanning!), be sure to stop by and check it out!


When we got back to Grand Rapids last night we met up for dinner with our friend Matt. I didn’t take any pictures of my food, but it was delicious – as is all of the food I’ve had at the local restaurants so far. I think I’m going to start taking pictures at all of the restaurants I go to and eventually start a Grand Rapids Restaurant Review series of some sort. It would be a fun way to recap all of my favorite places. Thoughts?


Okay, on a totally unrelated note, I think it’s about time I address the elephant in the room – the whole weight thing. Seeing as I used to write a blog dedicated entirely to weight loss, I feel sort of obligated to talk about it. As hard as it is, I have not shied away from posting pictures of myself on here because I’ve always been real and up front with you guys. The truth is, yes – I have put on a lot of weight. In fact, at this point, I’ve unfortunately gained back most of the weight that I lost a few years ago. Of course it’s depressing, but I try not to dwell on it because there’s no point. I hoped that I wouldn’t be one of those people, but the reality is that most people who lose a lot of weight end up gaining it back because it is SO HARD to keep it off. Once you start going backwards, it becomes ten times more difficult to start moving forward again.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m not ignoring the weight gain and am taking some steps to start getting things under control again. I don’t want it be like last time though, where weight loss was all I did and all I thought about. I need to start making small changes that will be easy to stick with in the long haul. I’m done beating myself up for minor weight fluctuations because in the long run those things don’t matter. I also don’t have someone helping me with my workouts or constantly making sure that I stick to my diet anymore – it’s all me this time.

One of the first steps I took in the right direction? I got a gym membership again. This gym is AWESOME, too. It’s huge and has every piece of workout equipment you could ever want. Plus it has a pool and lots of group classes, all of which are included in your membership. I went to a spin class on Wednesday and am going to try to make it to at least two of those a week. I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted with my workouts!

Oh, and I don’t know about you, but buying some new workout clothes always helps motivate me to get to the gym πŸ™‚


(The above outfit is from Kohl’s, for those of you who are curious.)

I’d love it if you guys would leave a comment about your current workout regimens! I sort of feel like I’m starting from square one and could use some ideas! Thanks πŸ™‚

24 thoughts on “Weekend Fun and Addressing the “Weight Thing”

  1. YOGA! I just started a few months ago and I love it! Such a great workout and so relaxing at the same time! Try it some time (come to battle creek and go with me!!)

    1. Haha I wish I could! But I am planning on starting yoga again! My gym offers a few classes a week, but unfortunately no hot yoga 😦

  2. Welcome to GR! I was born and raised in GR! Check out EatGR on Facebook-it’s a great newsfeed to follow!

  3. I just started working out for real for pretty much the first time ever 3 weeks ago. I’m doing crossfit and I love it. I’ve never been able to do these things before – I’ve never been in shape, but Friday I held a plank for a full minute!!

  4. Flexible dieting or IIFYM has really healed my relationship with food and assisted along with pushing me further me in keeping the weight I lost (45 pounds) off. Also started P90x3 2 months ago and it’s just 35 minutes a day. Firm believer in eating, no low carb, low cal cardio bunny diet. The higher your calories and ability to maintain gives you more room to slowly drop calories and lose without doing drastic measures.

  5. I use WW for help with diet management. I’ve been on it long enough that it’s really a permanent change in my relationship with food and I much prefer healthy stuff. I think living in a new city, going out to eat, drinks, etc. makes it all the more difficult. I’m a runner and adding yoga to that really makes me feel great. I think it’s all about finding something you will do consistently out of fun not obligation alone.

      1. Sometimes that financial obligation is what helps motivate. I will say this (and I don’t mean it judging, b/c I know how expensive living alone is) think about on average a month how much u spend on eating out, drinks, coffee dates, etc. At most WW is $40ish, but if u did just online it is even cheaper. That being said, you do have the tools within u to do this, as you’ve done it before. I know you don’t want the blog to be just about WL, but I do hope it’s something u address regularly, b/c that accountability factor is really helpful. Either way, I enjoy reading about your adventures and your open approach.

  6. Just remember it’s like 80% diet 20% exercise. You’ve done it before so I think you know what works for your body. For me currently it’s low carb. I get one cheat day a month and they rest of the time I’m eating under 30 carbs a day (no bread/sugar/pasta/potatoes/etc) the carbs I do eat come from fruit and veggies. Anyways – it’s working and 23lbs later I’m fully motivated to keep going. I also have been making small changes for the last year – from no soda at all to liking salads and eating them often. Drinking tons of water – taking vitamins – and finding a workout that I love (kickboxing) — like I said – you have to figure out what works for your body – you can do it!

    You inspired me for so long with your story — I can’t wait to watch you overcome the struggles again. As a person that has always been overweight – it’s a never ending battle to keep what you lose off. I know I’ll never be able to go back to how I used to eat or I’ll just gain it all back. Lifestyle changes are key.

    1. I could never do the low carb thing – it’s definitely not for me. I would be miserable all the time. More power to ya for successfully doing it πŸ™‚

    2. That’s really low carb!
      Carbs are not the enemy. We need them for hormone balancing among many other things.


      “Our bodies need carbs. Limiting carbs will never work long-term because our bodies crave and need them. Depriving yourself of a major food group is not a manageable weight-loss plan because it wreaks havoc on your metabolism. One study found that women who severely restricted their carbohydrates for three days ended up bingeing on carbs the fourth day β€” eating 44 percent more calories from carbohydrate foods than they had before they restricted their carb intake. You should have carbs, protein, and fat in every meal, striving for the healthy balance of 40 percent carbs, 30 percent protein, and 30 percent fat.”

  7. I am starting to get back into tennis. I broke my ankle and leg a few years back and my doctor didn’t want me playing sports for quite a while. He said I could start playing again as long as I start off slowly. I played tennis for about an hour and a half yesterday and despite twisting my ankle a few times, (I had my brace on so it wasn’t a huge deal) it was a ton of fun getting back to it. I am going to play again tonight and have a match set up for Thursday with a manager from my workplace. I also got a pedometer to keep track of how far I am walking during the day and I got a small pedaling device so that while I am at my desk working at home, I can pedal and not just be still the entire time. The device keeps track of all sorts of stuff from mileage to speed, to calories burned and a few other things I can’t think of off the top of my head.

    Needless to say, you inspired me greatly while you were writing your weight loss blog. I enjoy reading your blogs. Good luck with everything and I am excited to see more of your journey.

    1. I bet you get a ton of steps when you’re playing tennis! That’s awesome πŸ‘ and very cool about the peddling device – I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those!

      1. It was a random thing I found at Aldi. Not sure how many steps I get in during tennis. Don’t have pockets in my workout pants and lost the clip during work one day. I did however look up the calories burned during tennis because I was curious. For me personally playing doubles for an hour and a half, I burned almost 1000 calories. It is definitely something fun to do during the summer. May get a membership to where I played as well because they have a pool, gym, rock climbing wall, and I think an indoor track. The best part is it is only 5 minutes from work so I wouldn’t have much of an excuse to miss working out, especially if it is as much fun as yesterday was.

  8. I’m still struggling with losing my extra weight since my wedding (two years this upcoming Monday!) I’m a runner and also have been doing P90X3 with my husband. I keep up on working out but I really slack with my eating. I do great for a few days and then I go into binge mode for a few days. So I’m just in a vicious circle and am trying really hard to stop that. Very happy you are back to blogging πŸ™‚

    1. Try flexible dieting, that way you can fit your favorite foods in daily if they fit your macros. It seriously cuts down on binging. πŸ™‚

  9. Spinning myself! Trying to go 2 days a week. Cardio and weights 2 other days. Recovering from a broken ankle. We can do it!

  10. A little late on the reply on this one since I haven’t been reading blogs like I used to and am sort of “catching up” with what everyone has been up to… I’m currently in love with Piyo from Beachbody. It’s a mix of pilates and yoga and reaaaaalllly works the body. I’m combining it with Chalean Extreme (also from BB) and continuing to do some walking/hiking. My running has slacked big time over the last couple months and I’m trying to get back on track with it, but I’m loving piyo and weight lifting more than running right now. you may have found something already since this is an older post, but that’s what I’m up to!

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