September Blogging Challenge

Wow, hello September!

I can’t believe it’s really been almost a month since I’ve posted anything, but hopefully this upcoming challenge I’m going to participate in will help improve my frequency of posts. Long story short – I’ve been busy. What is else is new right? Over the past few weekends I’ve had a wedding, an impromptu trip to Traverse City, a weekend visitor from up north, and this past weekend I’ve been working. Today will be day 4 of a 7 day stretch, so I’m counting down the days until Thursday at 4:00 when my long weekend officially starts. I’ve also had a lot on my mind lately about moving, and just life in general. I swear, sometimes I feel like I’m having a mid life crisis. However, we’ll discuss that more another day.

So anyway, about this September blogging challenge: I got it from Gracie at Girl Meets Life. She is one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers. She’s young, lives in New York City (SO COOL) and no matter what she’s going through in life her fun and positive attitude always shines through in her posts. She created this daily blogging challenge for the month of September with a bunch of top ideas for those who want to participate.



Since I’ve been struggling to blog regularly, this seemed like a fun idea to me.

Unfortunately I’m already a day late to the party, so we’re doing two posts in one today.

1. Goals for September 

  • Blog daily and complete this challenge!
  • Stick to my budget, for once in my life. Lately I’ve had houses on the brain (is there such a thing as “house fever?” If so, I’ve got it) and all I can think about is saving as much money as possible so I can make it happen in the next couple years. I need to pay off my car first though, student loans are still screaming at me, and I’ve got quite a few vacations planned in the next year so it’s sure to be a challenge.
  • Exercise 4 days per week. Should be a no brainer, but of course, I’ve been slacking again in that department.

2. Something I’m proud of accomplishing recently

Maybe this sounds cheesy, but I’m really proud of myself for following through with this move to Grand Rapids. I never thought I could do anything like that – move away from my family and friends by myself just to try something new, but I did it and I’m so glad I did. I don’t know if I want to stay here forever, but right now I love this city and it’s really helping me figure out where I want to settle down and end up. Even if I move back home someday, I will never regret coming here. The next year is all about personal growth, and I think that’s something everyone in their twenties needs to focus on at some point or another.

If you would like to participate in this September Blogging Challenge, let me know in the comments and be sure to post a link to your blog so I can follow along 🙂

4 thoughts on “September Blogging Challenge

  1. House fever is real!! My husband and I moved to NJ from Baltimore last summer. We bought a house & fixed it up to be a mini dream home. I still look at houses online to see what’s out there! We won’t be moving any time soon but I just love looking! Excited to hear more about your move and you’re new adventures!! I’ll be doing this challenge via my instagram account since I’m blog – less =) Instagram account = sweat_face

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