Highlights From the Summer

Today’s blog topic in the September Blogging Challenge is my top 5 highlights from the summer. Let’s get to it!

1. Moving to Grand Rapids

Okay, who didn’t see that coming? 😉 Considering the fact that I started this whole blog because of my move, you can probably imagine that packing up my apartment and moving downstate to a new city was one of the most exciting and scary parts of my summer. It’s been a wonderful opportunity for me and I’m grateful that I was able to make it happen and stay with my current company. I’m looking forward to fall in the city!

fall in GR


2. Mackinaw Island 

Just a couple weeks after I moved I headed back up north to make the trip to Mackinaw Island with my family and my sister’s boyfriend. It’s an annual summer tradition that we all look forward to, and it was a lot of fun. We rode bikes around the island, stopped by the butterfly house, perused the shops, and had some good food and drinks. Always a good time!


3. Theory of a Deadman concert

I went to this concert with a couple of my girlfriends and it was a blast! We started the night off with dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in TC – Firefly – and then headed to Ground Zero Night Club for the concert. I was pleasantly surprised that Adelitas Way was also performing at the show (I’ve been a fan of them for years) and was excited to get a signed T-shirt and a picture with the lead singer.


4. My sister’s visit to Grand Rapids

My sister drove down to visit and see my new apartment a couple weeks after I moved and we had a TON of fun. We spent the day shopping, and then got sushi for dinner before hitting the town. She goes to school in a super small town up north in the UP so it was so funny to see her reaction to such a “big city” (for those who don’t know Michigan, Grand Rapids is not that big).


5. Weddings

I’ve had two weddings so far this summer and they have both been awesome! First was my friend Leah’s wedding in June (which I was a bridesmaid in) and next was my friend Babs’ wedding last month. Leah’s wedding was great because I got to see quite a few friends from high school that I haven’t seen in YEARS, and the guest list at Babs’ wedding included a ton of friends from pharmacy school. It was so great o catch up with everyone. Plus, who doesn’t love weddings?



babs wedding

What are some highlights from your summer?


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