A to Z of Me | Survey

Survey time! Read on to learn about my biggest fear, who I’m jealous of, and my grossest most embarrassing story ever. Oh, and there’s a really cute cat video in there too.

A – Age: 26

B – Biggest Fear: Being stabbed in the eye/having my eyeball removed/anything really that involves touching my eyes. I can’t put eye drops in my own eyes, or watch my friends put in contacts…can’t handle it. Just thinking about this stuff makes my eyes start watering!

C – Current Time: 9:33 am

D – Drink You Had Last: I’m currently sipping a cup of Newman’s Own coffee with some hazelnut creamer. Yum.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 9.51.50 AM

E – Easiest Person To Talk To: Probably my mom, or my friends Melissa and Elly

F – Favorite Song: I honestly really don’t think I have one. I like all kinds of music.

G – Grossest Memory: Oh man, you asked for it…

One time when I was in high school I went on a trip with my classmates to Cedar Point and I stayed in a hotel room with 2 other girls and one of their moms. We were getting ready for bed, and I really, really had to poop. You know how it is when your 16 – that stuff’s embarrassing and you don’t want anyone to know. I had started to feel the need to go at around 7:00 pm and by this point it was close to 11, so you can imagine the discomfort I was feeling.

I contemplated waiting until everyone was in bed and then sneaking in the bathroom to go, but it was just too quiet. Everyone will hear me. Nope, that’s not going to work. (And no, I didn’t know about the turning-on-the-bathroom-faucet trick at that point.) So I just lied in bed, tossing and turning and squirming until I seriously COULD NOT HOLD IT any longer. I stood up and thought, crap, its coming. (No pun intended.)

So I grabbed a room key and ran out the door, all the way down to the hotel lobby bathrooms. At this point in time, I had to go so bad that I honestly didn’t know if I was going to make it to the bathroom. I finally ran in, slammed the stall door shut, pulled my pants down and immediately realized that I was too late. Yep, I had shit my pants.

I finished my business, threw my underwear in the bathroom trash and buried it under a bunch of paper towels, and walked back up to my room. I put on a fresh pair of underwear and finally got in bed to go to sleep. I’m not sure if anyone was still awake, or if anyone heard me leave the room and come back (which was actually not allowed since we were in high school and should have been accompanied by a chaperone), but no one ever said anything.

I seriously cannot believe I just shared that story on the internet.

H – Hometown: Traverse City, MI

I – In Love With: My little fur baby!


J – Jealous Of: One of my good friends from pharmacy school who just finished paying off all of her student loans – and she graduated the year AFTER me and had MORE debt than I did! I wish I had her dedication.

K – Kindest Person You Know: my friend Leah; I don’t think she has a mean bone in her body!

L – Longest Relationship: A little over a year of serious dating, but we dated off/on for a year before that and were friends for 3 years before that.

M – Middle Name: Ann

N – Number of Siblings: 1 younger sister


O – One Wish: That I can close on my house before Labor Day weekend!

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: My dad. He’s on a motorcycle trip down south with a bunch of his buddies. I love seeing all their selfies on Facebook. Ha!

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: “What’s the best thing for…” | “What do you recommend for…” | “What’s the difference between…” | “Where’s the … located” #lifeofapharmacist


R – Reason To Smile: This video. I can’t even.

S – Song You Last Sang: Something from the dance mix that is currently playing in my car.

T – Time You Woke Up: 9:02 am. Slept in today and it felt so good!

U – Underwear Color: pink and grey

V – Vacation Destination: I love going anywhere tropical, especially in the winter, but my DREAM vacation is to go to Europe! I would absolutely love to go on a European cruise because it would be such an easy way to see so many different places!

W – Worst Habit: Facebook stalking people I shouldn’t be Facebook stalking. We’ll just leave it at that.


X – X-Rays You’ve Had: My foot when I broke it in college. I tripped over myself at my party and had to wear a boot for like 3 months. Not my proudest moment.

Y – Your Favorite Food: The spinach dip at Short’s Brewery in Bellaire! I can put back a whole bowl of that stuff by myself. It’s THAT GOOD.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 9.46.57 AM

Z – Zodiac Sign: capricorn

Your turn – tell me YOUR grossest story!

Bachelorette Fun | Food Prep ~ Scenes from the Weekend ~

I thought it would be fun to start a little series on the blog called “Scenes from the Weekend,” or SFTW for short. As you probably could figure out from the title, a SFTW post is going to highlight some of the assorted weekend happenings I want to share that don’t necessarily form a coherent blog post when pasted all together. It’s a lot easier for me to condense my writing into one post, rather than trying to post something different for each topic. I think consolidation is key if I want to develop any sort of regular blogging routine. I’ll try to get these up at least 2 or 3 times a month, but I can’t promise every week because let’s be real – sometimes I literally do nothing on the weekend and therefore have nothing to write about.


My weekend kicked off with a little present I bought for myself – a new patio set!


It’s currently set up on my parent’s deck so we all can enjoy it until I move out. I’ve had my eye on it for about 3 months now and it finally went on sale a few weeks ago. The 25% off sale combined with my 10% off coupon I received from the post office (they send you tons of coupons if you change your address!) gave me a pretty nice discount on this set. Everything is from Lowes (it’s this table and the matching chairs) and I am in love with it. On Friday night my dad and I picked it up and then hauled it all out to the back deck, where I pretty much camped out for the rest of the night. I did my nails, had a glass of wine and watched YouTube videos – what more could a girl need?


Saturday was my friend Amanda’s bachelorette party! Amanda is one of my really good friends here in TC. She and her fiancé used to be my next door neighbors at my old apartment and we also coincidently have mutual friends up here, despite the fact that both of them are from downstate. Amanda is also my realtor (bless her heart) and a few months ago she asked me to stand up in her wedding. I love this girl and can’t wait for her big day on the 29th!


[Side note – does anyone else say “real-i-tor” instead of “real-tor?” I just noticed it when I was writing the previous paragraph and spellcheck caught my spelling of “realitor,” which I had obviously spelled phonetically. This of course led me to a Google search where it was confirmed that I been saying/pronouncing/spelling it wrong THIS WHOLE TIME. Poor Amanda, I wonder how many times she has wanted to correct me over the past 8 months?!]

For her bachelorette party, a group of us girls set sail on the Nauti-cat, a boat that leaves from the Holiday Inn and sails back and forth across the bay for 2 hours.


The weather was perfect and the views were incredible. There is also a bar on board; unfortunately drinks are not included but they were relatively inexpensive and they accepted credit cards. Also, it’s possible that more than one shotski may have happened.


On Saturday night we ended up back at Amanda’s house for a taco bar and an evening full of some pretty crazy games. Her maid of honor found all these ridiculous Minute to Win It games and she kept us busy with them all night. It was actually a lot of fun though, and pretty refreshing to attend a bachelorette party that didn’t involve bar hopping and getting completely intoxicated. I won’t go into detail with all of the games we played, but if you google “Minute to Win It games” you’ll get the idea 😉 It was actually a lot of fun and we all spent the evening laughing hysterically.


Sunday was a pretty low key day for me, as it usually is. I slept in, ran some errands, did my grocery shopping, and watched Bachelor in Paradise with my mom. (Anyone else watching? I said I wasn’t going to but then I started…and now I’m hooked and I can’t stop! BTW I hate Joe.)

I’m trying to have a somewhat healthy week, so I picked up some good snack options at the grocery store including fruit, protein bars and hummus.


I also – drum roll please – did some food prepping on Sunday! It’s been a while since I spent any sort of time prepping food for the week, but I’m so glad I did because it is just so, so convenient during the week and it also drastically reduces the odds of me spending money and eating junk for lunch.

I washed a bunch of fruit and I also put together a tasty veggie pizza.


It’s super easy to make – the recipe is here on my old blog.

Unfortunately something funky happened with my pizza dough and I ended up with this:


No big deal though, I just worked around it.


I sliced it up into a bunch of small pieces to pack for lunch through out the week. Yum.


So far the week is going well in the food department, but it’s also only Tuesday. Let’s hope it continues!

What’s the goofiest bachelorette party game you’ve ever played?
A few years ago I went to one where we had to draw a random photo of a celebrity out of a hat, and then find a guy at the bar who looked like that celebrity and take a picture with him. It was challenging!

My Favorite Green Smoothie

I mentioned this in a previous blog post, but I am totally obsessed with this pineapple pear green smoothie.


I used to always think that smoothies HAD to have protein in them, because I when I drank them it would always be for meal replacement. However, I’m really, really loving just drinking these green smoothies as a snack or as a side with my breakfast or lunch. Vegetables are not exactly my favorite thing, so I love that green smoothies are packed full of nutrients and still taste like a treat.


Here’s what goes into this smoothie you see pictured:

  • 5 or 6 ice cubes
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup chopped pineapple
  • 1 pear (sliced with the core removed)
  • large handful of fresh spinach/kale (your preference)
  • 1/2 cup of orange juice


Any recommendations for other green smoothie recipes? I’m thinking I need to expand my horizons, considering this is pretty much the only one I’ve been drinking for the last year!

Urban Face Lift

So, if you couldn’t already tell, I gave the bloggy a bit of a face lift tonight. Always nice to change things up a bit 🙂 I also spent some time updating my “About” page, so be sure to click on the little link above and check it out!

This past weekend was fantastic. I had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off and I definitely feel like I took advantage of every moment. On Friday morning I got my first facial, which was uh-maz-ing and well worth the $$. I would love to go back every month and be pampered like that, but my wallet says every 3 or 4 months is probably more realistic. Ha.

On Saturday I had some friends from high school in town and we spent most of the day being tourists in our own hometown. We ate lunch downtown, browsed the shops, and grabbed a treat at a very well known local ice cream joint. We had to split up around 6 as they had other engagements to attend to, so after that I met some coworkers downtown at Little Fleet for some brewskies. Little Fleet is the coolest place – it’s a bar that’s open to the outside, and parked right in the parking lot are 5 or 6 little food trucks that serve some pretty darn good food that you can enjoy with your drinks. It’s such a cool place to bring friends and just have a low key night on a nice evening.

Sunday I met a friend at Pyramid Point, which is a tourist gold mine and I am embarrassed to say that I have lived here almost my entire life and have never been there…until now! It’s this awesome hiking area that leads you up to the top of a sand dune and THE most incredible view of Lake Michigan that I have ever seen (see my new header photo above…).

I didn’t take many pictures this weekend but I did do a some vlogging! I’ll insert the video below, or you may click here to watch it on YouTube. In the vlog you will see scenes from downtown Traverse City, as well as lots of beautiful scenery [and my rambling] at Pyramid Point.