Urban Face Lift

So, if you couldn’t already tell, I gave the bloggy a bit of a face lift tonight. Always nice to change things up a bit 🙂 I also spent some time updating my “About” page, so be sure to click on the little link above and check it out!

This past weekend was fantastic. I had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off and I definitely feel like I took advantage of every moment. On Friday morning I got my first facial, which was uh-maz-ing and well worth the $$. I would love to go back every month and be pampered like that, but my wallet says every 3 or 4 months is probably more realistic. Ha.

On Saturday I had some friends from high school in town and we spent most of the day being tourists in our own hometown. We ate lunch downtown, browsed the shops, and grabbed a treat at a very well known local ice cream joint. We had to split up around 6 as they had other engagements to attend to, so after that I met some coworkers downtown at Little Fleet for some brewskies. Little Fleet is the coolest place – it’s a bar that’s open to the outside, and parked right in the parking lot are 5 or 6 little food trucks that serve some pretty darn good food that you can enjoy with your drinks. It’s such a cool place to bring friends and just have a low key night on a nice evening.

Sunday I met a friend at Pyramid Point, which is a tourist gold mine and I am embarrassed to say that I have lived here almost my entire life and have never been there…until now! It’s this awesome hiking area that leads you up to the top of a sand dune and THE most incredible view of Lake Michigan that I have ever seen (see my new header photo above…).

I didn’t take many pictures this weekend but I did do a some vlogging! I’ll insert the video below, or you may click here to watch it on YouTube. In the vlog you will see scenes from downtown Traverse City, as well as lots of beautiful scenery [and my rambling] at Pyramid Point.


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