I’m Doing Weight Watchers!

Good morning! I’m here with my bi-annual, sporadic unplanned blog post with an update on my life. Hopefully we can make these more frequent than twice a year, but we shall see.

Today we’re going to focus on a weight loss update! For those who don’t know me in real life or follow me on Instagram (username is @kristaberg27 – add me!!) then you might not know that I am now doing Weight Watchers. I started on May 12th and have been going strong ever since. For those who are not familiar with the WW program, members use a points system to track all of their food and can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week. The current system utilizes Smart Points, which are calculated based on a food’s calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein. Every person is allotted a specific number of daily smart points, and this number is based on gender, height, weight and activity level. Additionally, members receive 42 “weekly points” that are essentially extra points that may optionally be used on whatever you would like (cheat meals, etc.).

The plan may sound kind of complicated to follow, but it is actually very simple. There is an app for your phone that has a database full of points values for almost every food you can imagine. There is also a barcode scanner which will scan products and automatically calculate points, and there is an option to add your own foods and recipes. Something else I love about the app is the Connect feature. Connect is basically like a Facebook page for Weight Watchers. Members post updates, pictures, before & afters, and pretty much anything you want and receive likes and words of encouragement from other members. This is especially helpful for people like me who have an online-only membership (the other option is to have a standard membership which includes access to weekly in-person meetings in your area).

I am more than happy to explain the WW process in more detail, and am thinking about starting to post some What I Eat In A Day blogs. If anyone is interested in any of these please let me know!

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to share the most important part… how much weight I’ve lost!

WW 25 lbs.jpg

The picture on the left was taken in May and the one the right was taken this past Sunday. There is a 25 pound difference in the two photos 🙂 Altogether I am down about 28 pounds since beginning the program and I am very happy with these results!

I feel like I have so much more to say about WW and my weight loss journey thus far. Those who have been following me for a while know that this is not my first go-round and my thought process and feelings on the process have honestly been so much different this time around. I will have to elaborate in another blog post because I think that a lot of people could relate to what I’m going through and have been thinking about.

Thanks so much for reading! Please let me know any questions that you may have or content that you would like to see on this blog. I’d really appreciate it 🙂


7 thoughts on “I’m Doing Weight Watchers!

  1. You’re killing it! You can really see how much progress you’ve made in 28 pounds. Keep it up girl. I would love to see a day of eats post. I need some fresh ideas sometimes I feel like I get in a rut.

  2. Krista, you are doing a great job with WW. I know it must be very hard to keep at it, but look at your great results already. I would like to see a couple days of eating post, too. Keep up the great job!

  3. Great job Krista! I also would love so see a day of eats post. I also would love to hear about this time around. As someone who lost a good amount of weight and gained it back, I feel overwhelmed and defeated at starting the process again. So proud of you for getting on it!

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