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  1. Hello Krista. My name is Russell and I’m writing you because while googling yesterday for night photos of Grand Rapids skyline I found a link to a photo you posted on your blog from 2014. The link is below. I would like to use the photo for a poster to promote an event down here in Grand Rapids, so I’m trying to track down who originally took the photo to discuss being able to use it. So in short – did you take the photo or know who did? Thank you for your time and have a great day. https://urbanimpulseblogdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/downtown_grand_rapids_by_ii_mccloud_ii-d371lh8.jpg

    1. Hey Russell – I wish I could take credit for that photo but I most definitely did not take it. I always link the source to all photos I use in blog posts that are not mine, but the link I have only goes to a URL of the actual photo itself so I’m not sure who took the original. Here’s the original link to the image I used: http://www.mieveningout.com/wp-content/uploads/downtown_grand_rapids_by_ii_mccloud_ii-d371lh8.jpg
      It looks like it’s used in a series of rotating cover photos for the website Michigan Evening Out (www.mieveningout.com), so perhaps the owner of the website will have more information. Hope this helps!

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